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Sesame Street is a favourite with almost any English speaker.  I’m now 40 years old and grew up with it in Australia.  There are many versions around the world and it’s changed a lot over the years.  My kids don’t watch it on TV like I did as a kid, but instead see cool modern interpretations like this on YouTube.  This is a cappella group from Texas – Pentatonix.

For beginners:  Catchy and fun way to learn to count to five

For intermediate: Can you follow the words of all the number songs?

For advanced: Did you know that the group’s name likely comes the “Pentatonic Scale” .

From Wikipedia: A pentatonic scale is a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave in contrast to a heptatonic (seven-note) scale such as the major scale and minor scale. Pentatonic scales are very common and are found all over the world. They are divided into those with semitones (hemitonic) and those without (anhemitonic).

Even when you are a native English speaker, there are a lot of new English words you may discover in your lifetime, often related to very specific fields you may not have encountered before.  I’ve certainly never heard most of the words in that last sentence!