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When learning English, accents can be a challenge!  Truseneye92 on YouTube does a fantastic example of many different accents in this video below.

What’s been interesting for me, raising two bilingual children, is that though I speak with an Australian accent, my children speak with other accents.   One sounds more American and the other more like a British/Australian mix.  I find this can be influenced by many things, of course by the fact we are currently living in the Netherlands, but also by things like the YouTube videos they watch!  Children tend to pick up accents fairly early on in life and it sticks with them, but it can also be changed, at least slightly, with some effort.  For example, I’ve really been concentrating on at least trying to ensure they master the “TH” sound, which they often do as a “F” (e.g. Thing).  My husband is a native Dutch speaker and his English accent is what I would call fairly “neutral”.

Which kind of English accent do you speak with?  And your children?  Has this changed at any time?